Caddy M&E

Caddy M & E are a nationwide labour provider that genuinely specialise in the mechanical and electrical sector

We operate across the entire mechanical and electrical sector, ensuring that all of our clients receive a bespoke service under pinned with a wealth of industry knowledge and clear understanding of the sector.

Caddy is a family run business founded by Brad Antin originally from a mechanical background. Our experience in the industry extends to over 30 years, in which time we have worked with an extensive client base and built up relationships with some of the best tradesmen in the industry. We began as a mechanical contracting company “Caddy M&E”a multi service mechanical company a specialist within the process, pharmaceuticals and the heating industry. After recognising a gap in the market for a genuine industry specialist, we decided to extend our services, firstly covering all aspects of the mechanical industry, from plumbing to offshore work. We then naturally added the electrical side of the business



We have experienced tradesmen in the Pharmaceutical sector and we continue to recuit new talent with relative codings and QA/QC experience to cope with our clients high demands.


Petrochemical industry is another high demand industry seeking only highly experienced and qualified pipefitters and welders.


We recognise what is expected of this industry from asme procedures, codings and health & safety. We recruit for this industry specifically searching for candidates with extensive experience and certain qualifications.

Food & Beverage (Process)

A high grade stainless steel industry requiring specialised welders and pipefitters. Being food & drink it comes under the process engineering sector, which requires a clean approach and different welding process in general.

Water Treatment

Very similar to food & drink with less demand for high grade stainless steel. The industry is clean all purged leaving a smooth clean weld to achieve flow rates with less risk of contamination. Candidates are recruited very similarly to the food & drink industry as it is usually the same candidates.


Another industry where skilled labour is in high demand, but one that also has strict health and safety requirements. Basic certs needed for this role are Safgulf and HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training).

Oil & Gas

A fast paced process, it requires the exact contractor for the job with solid references and correct experience.


More of a heavy duty industry dealing with various steel beams using a MMA or MIG process. Candidates in this sector are recruited on experience and past references.

Heating & Cooling

It is in our opinion the most widespread sector, with more contractors qualifying for this industry than any other. Experience in this field is still key as pipefitting and welding are highly technical in general, and a large focus in this industry.


Mainly a plumbing industry, covering both commerical and domestic clients. All personnel should comply with health and safety and know certain housing regulations.


As a recruitment agency we recruit and supply the correct candidates to the correct role. Health & safety remains the same. Regulations can be very specific, which make the education industry quite demanding and plays a big part in the recruitment process.


All candidates require PTS approval. We offer this as a service and can organise PTS training and testing for our clients and candidates. Although very different, we supply to both track maintenance (welding) and station maintenance, be it heating/ventilation or domestic potable water.